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Despite Having No Arms And Hands, See What This 23-Year-Old Lady Does With Her Toes

Our God is a magician, and what he can't do doesn't exist. In his image, God created people and blessed us with different wonderful skills. This lovely 23-year-old lady was born with no hands or arms but using her legs and toes she does various fantastic things. See different things Culbertson's Kashmiere does with her toes.

Who is kashmiere,

Kashmiere Culbertson was born as a black American lady on 12 August 1998. This beautiful lady was born with a Bilateral Phocomelia disease. Bilateral phocomelia is a person's arms-free condition. The bones of the affected body in persons with this condition are either missing or underdeveloped. The limb is therefore extremely shortened and in severe cases, the hand or foot can be connected directly to the trunk.

Kashmiere was born without arms, but her disability did not prevent her from success. She's a graduate, YouTuber and a fighter who utilizes her feet to perform wonderful things like driving, shooting, writing, placing hair, cooking and so on. See photos of Kashmiere doing different things with her toes and feet.

Kashmiere is a well-known YouTuber artist and renowned social media artist. She works on a YouTube channel, showcasing her ability and doing great things to motivate people who are disgusted and robbed by something or anything. Kashimiere isn't just a Youtuber, she's also a beauty incarnation and kills as a girl. Discover her beautiful photos to see how she loves herself and a happy life.

It is so disheartening that some people are perfectly created, but they are not grateful to God. Kashmiere Culbertson was born without arms, but she is very thankful to God, despite her handicaps. During her graduation ceremony in 2020, she thanked God for making things impossible in her life. Read her Thanksgiving piece.

Keshmiere's story is a good illustration of how our God is an impossible God. It also motivates those who feel embarrassed by their differences or current circumstances. If Kashmiere can do so much and succeed without her arms, you can do so as well. Hard work and resolve are what life needs to be great.

Are you surprised at what this 23-year-old girl does with her legs and toes?

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