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She left me with a huge task - sad confession from a single father who laments the death of his wife

The saddest reality about the past weekend is that while others were out there having fun by hosting events and celebrating anniversaries, others were being haunted by the memories of their loved ones who are no longer with us on earth. That is what happened to Mulamo from Limpopo.

He posted photos of himself and his late wife, their kids and a photo of his wife's grave at the cemetery. Mulamo revealed that he is heartbroken by the passing of his wife who left her with a huge task of raising their two blessing (Their children). He said this is a challenge that he faces with respect and fear. His main dream is to give these children the love and happiness that they deserve. He vows that he will take good care of them and he will finish the race. He says his children are also very supportive and he feels blessed to be their father and now that he finds himself being their mother too, he will strive to be the best.

Someone suggested that he should get companionship to make his life less lonely but Mulalo said he does not need anyone at the moment. He did not deny being lonely, but he thinks it is just too hard.

He also revealed via tweet that he is currently suffering from a secondary trauma. He does have hopes that one day he will be able to talk about it. Psychiatric times defines the secondary trauma as the indirect exposure to trauma through a first-hand account or narrative of a traumatic event.

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He also shared the picture of his wife with their children and said he will forever cherish the memories that they created together. He confessed that his life is so poor without her. Today he shared that he took a day off from work and his kids are already at school but he keeps asking himself what he must do now.


It is sad because we do not choose such things but I believe that Mulalo should seek professional help because, even if his children are being supportive, they are still kids and they do not have to see him react. They need a stronger father and he is all that they have got.

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Limpopo Mulamo


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