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Remember The KZN Mercedes Benz Looter? This Is What Has Happened

Mbuso Moloi, dubbed the Merc looter, made headlines after purportedly appearing in a video carrying a basket load of goods from a Woolworths store in Glenwood that was broken into during the July unrest. His lawyer should blame mental health for the crime. Something along the lines of "i was overcome with emotion because of the large scale riots. My anxiety was triggered and took me back to apartheid days when soldiers fired on innocent black people". Even better if he ropes in his private psychologist.

I think the Merc he was driving got him into trouble. We saw the face of the guy that was eating cake and the one who was struggling to put the TV screen in the car but we are not hearing about them any more. Most South African citizens are on his side because other people have already been forgotten about, but only this guy is the one who is being blamed for everything that happened.

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