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XENOPHOBIA : Shots Fired, Shops And Taxis Set On Fire In Gqeberha

Durban Road, Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth). Taxis set alight. Video as received

The video footage shows an incident where into a taxi is helping set on fire and at the moment it is not very clear what is really going on there, but it seems like this is malicious property damage or business sabotage where individuals or rival gangs or business people have ordered hitman to set the taxes on fire in order to sabotage the business of their rivals.

It is quite clear that these taxes belong to either Pakistan national owners or some other type of Muslim, because we can hear that the suspect is busy hollering in an Arabic language praising Allah and then proceeding to shoot up several rounds of bullets into the sky.

The incident has caused a stir on social media because the people who are involved in this burning have not yet been identified and of course members of the public want to really know what is going on in this incident, this is really shocking to a lot of us because it is strange that someone wanted to set the taxis on fire. We do understand malicious property damage and business sabotage, however we do not understand where they are coming from because you can just come deal with your business without having to worry about another man's business.

Law enforcers of course were conducting investigations into this matter in order to bring down the perpetrators of this crime and they are asking for ordinary members of the public to give information if they have it, these perpetrators of crimes would not be hard to find.

Usually because you’d only have to consider who is the rival business person these individuals or taxi owners, especially the mastermind behind the whole attack because then they tend to keep their hands clean.

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Durban Road Gqeberha Pakistan Port Elizabeth XENOPHOBIA


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