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Richest man in Venda wanted by Doritos company here is why

Richest man in Venda is wanted by Doritos for doing this with they're snacks:

- A man who goes by the name Hedrick Makuya has been making a lot of people laugh on Facebook with his funny content. The Comedian is a Venda man who has got fame and love for South Africans.

- Hedrick Makuya is known for his love for Doritos snacks,You can say his almost like an ambassador for the Doritos company because not a week passes by without him posting about Doritos.

Recently the company finally recognised him and had to share a thing or two about him, they went on to share his photo on they're Facebook page which almost have 15 Millon followers in total. On they're caption they wrote the following,

"Fam, Hendrick Makuya AKA Mr Doritos, we've seen your social media posts, tags and photos. We wanted to say thank you for the love and being a loyal fan of Doritos. We hope that you continue to stay Bold!"

After seeing this the post that they shared about Hendrick Makuya got a lot of attention from social media users, many were happy for Hendrick Makuya for being recognised by the company, But some went all that happy because they didn't offer him anything all they did was thank him.

Here are some of the comments of people who shared they're thoughts towards Doritos and Hendrick Makuya:

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