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Parade protest


Foreigners Are Ready To Fight Police and Local Citizens? See What Is Happening In Kempton Park.

South Africans are fed up with the illegal activities of foreigners. Most foreigners who come to our country commit crimes, despite the fact that not all of them do. Because they know they won't be caught if they do anything wrong here, it's a haven for all kinds of criminal activity.

More than a few people have called on the police to deport all foreign nationals from the country. They are accused of being criminals for taking advantage of opportunities that should have gone to the natives. Over the past few weeks, local residents have been on a mission to turn in all illegal immigrants in the country to the police. Many foreigners, notably in Gauteng, have been detained as a result of this operation.

As a result, a group of foreign people from a variety of nations has gathered at Kempton Park today to protest against being detained by police. Foreign nationals are delaying JMPD and Customs personnel from completing their clean-up campaign in the Johannesburg CBD. (Gauteng Province).

The police should intervene as quickly as possible, as both locals and tourists appear ready to fight. This demonstrates a complete lack of respect for the people of South Africa's history and culture. Instead of confronting their tyrannical government, we're going after their oppressors. They will eventually take over our country if we don't act now.


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