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Police Officer Shoots Girlfriend 6 Times For A Very Strange Reason

Date: 29/11/21



The gender-based violence in South Africa has reached an all-time high. It is very strange when the people who are meant to protect the public from crimes are the ones that are causing them. The whole country is still in shock after it was revealed that a police officer who had no history of domestic violence shot and killed his girlfriend on Sunday the 28th of November. The full story was revealed and it really shocked many people.


It has been reported by the lead investigator of the case that all this happened after the police officer was caught cheating by the girlfriend. It seems that the police officer got very angry at the fact that the girlfriend caught him cheating and he decided to kill her. This is the story that they have so far as they go through the investigation but they do not fully understand how this could happen.

It is usually the ones that are found cheating that get killed and this is a very strange occurrence to say the least. What surprises police inside this man has never been violent before and he even used his work firearm to commit such a crime. Maybe it was a point of weakness but also be revealed as the investigation is still underway.


Many people in the comment section of these news believe that there is more to the story than it is being told. It is surprising that a person who is actually doing wrong could kill someone. Perhaps there was something already boiling between the two lovers that led to the shooting but South Africans seems to think there's more to the story. This is a very strange case in need and justice needs to be served for whoever wronged the other.

What is your take on the matter at hand?

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