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Road Accident

Bill Morgan: The Man Who Died, Came Back To Life And Won The Lottery Two Times

Back in 1998, Australian truck driver Bill Morgan, was involved in a truck accident that nearly crushed him. He miraculously survived the crash, but suffered a heart attack as a result. He was then rushed to the emergency room, and given a drug that triggered a severe allergic reaction in his body – ultimately causing his heart to stop beating.

Bill Morgan had died. But in an amazing twist of fate, that wasn't the end for him. After being clinically dead for more than 14 minutes, Bill was revived, but remained comatose. He was in a vegetative state for more than a week, and doctors advised his family to take him off life support. It's a good thing they didn’t, though.

Miraculously after 12 days, Bill woke up and eventually made a complete recovery. He was very fortunate to have walked away from the ordeal without any serious health problems. With a new lease on life, Bill was optimistic about the future. He eventually got a new job and mustered up the courage to propose to his girlfriend Lisa Wells. She happily accepted.

Some time after his engagement, Bill Morgan decided to try his luck at the lottery. He purchased a scratch-off ticket and instantly won a car – worth about $17,000 at the time. Bill was unexpectedly overjoyed. This lucky turn of events soon caught the interest of a Melbourne news station. They decided to cover Bill’s story, and this is where things get really interesting.

While filming a reenactment of his win, Bill purchased another scratch-off ticket that would prove to be his biggest surprise yet: He had just won A$250k, right on live television! To do this, Bill bought another ticket and scratched away to reveal that he had just won again, but this time it was a whopping $250,000 ($385,000 in today’s dollars). Catching his reaction on camera, the truck driver reacted like any nonchalant Aussie bloke would — by calmly saying “I just won $250,000. I’m not joking” with the most emotionless face I have ever seen. Thankfully, when the win set in, Bill started to show some real emotion, especially once he called his fiance to share the news.

I just won two hundred and fifty thousand,” Bill exclaims. “I’m not joking,” he continues. Visibly emotional, he calls Lisa Wells to tell her about the big news.

Despite happening over two decades years ago, @AnalyseLevi decided to share the iconic video to Twitter overnight, where it quickly went viral. But beyond people not being able to believe Bill Morgan’s impressive luck, most just couldn’t fathom that the truckie was only 37 in the footage.

Naturally, Bill’s story of absolute-misfortune-turned-great-luck caught the attention of a local news station in Melbourne, who asked Bill to reenact his win for their feel-good segment on him.

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