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Watch: Her struggle came to an end after she allegedly will receive a New house. Video went viral

Watch: Her struggle came to an end after she allegedly will receive a New house. Video goes viral.

It is exceedingly unlikely that you will encounter somebody in this world who can provide you with assistance in your struggle. Notably, a stranger who is capable of building you a house even though you do not know them. A man on Twitter who goes by the name Collen Mashawana shared a video of a woman who was staying in an unsafe house with his children. The man's name on Twitter is Collen Mashawana. Reports say that a man named Mashawana built this woman a beautiful home, and in the video, the woman can be seen thanking Mashabela for being so kind and thoughtful to build the home for her.

"I would like to express my gratitude to you, Ntate Mashawana, for being the son of God and for assisting me in the construction of a home. I have had a lot of problems over the years, and I was scared that if there was a severe storm, the house could have collapsed on top of me and my children. Because of you, I won't have to worry about becoming stressed out ever again. God bless you." Said the woman.


The woman who allegedly received aid from a new house was residing in an older home that posed a significant safety risk. The fact that it appears to be falling apart truly demonstrates that it may happen at any time. Collen Mashawana should be accorded the utmost deference since, despite the fact that the government did not make any effort to assist a woman, he is the only person who would have had the guts to do so.

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