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Operation Dudula Heads For Metro Rail

Operation Dudula has indicated that they are headed for the metro railways in what seems to be a clean-up operation.

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The movement published the news through a flyer on their twitter account. They have called this part of operation the ‘’Metro rail revival campaign’’.

The movement called on for all community members who are unemployed but employable to join the movement in this campaign. They stated that these metro railways have been destroyed and vandalised.

They also called on people to bring along their tools which range from spades to brooms.

The main reason driving this campaign is that they claim petrol prices have gone up drastically and that metro rail travelling is the one most affordable for the community members.

The event taking place tomorrow is expected to attract great media attention as most of the movement’s operations have always attracted media and social media at large.

Operation Dudula is currently in KwaZulu Natal in yet another operation.

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