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Thugs Grab Mzansi's Attention After Being Caught With This - See Reactions

It is quite disturbing to see how crime has become a Norm in our country and it seems to be increasing as a day goes by. People are now living in fear and they have to look over their shoulders each and every time they leave their homes the worst part is that some of them are terrorized even in their homes. There for law enforcement officers really have to be strategic on how they can alleviate crime rather than responding to crime scenes.

A lot of people have lost their lives due to crime and it is quite sad that some of the people never get Justice. Something has to be done especially about the fact that perpetrators are fully armed and this gives them the advantage to fight of law enforcement officers. It also makes them feel dominant and feel like they are able to take anything from anyone at anytime, perpetrators were caught and apprehended in Reiger Park.

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