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If some foreigners did this , then South African residents are not safe

Wednesday morning was set as the day when eight foreign nationals were scheduled to make an appearance at the Cape Town Magistrate´s court.

It was after they got arrested yesterday for various alleged crimes such as money laundering, internet scams, and financial fraud globally to the tune of R100-million.

It is alleged that these foreign nationals have been operating with an international criminal syndicate forcing the international security agencies such as the FBI, the local Hawks, the K9 Unit, and the Metro police to be part of the investigations. and the arrests. The criminal acts of defrauding the victims are reported to have started in 2011. The victims are reported to be those who go online such as widows and divorcees who are in search of new lovers.

It is sickening that some of these foreigners are from Nigeria while operating from South Africa. This is enough to prove that South African residents are not safe at all. The fraudsters have been in South Africa for many years siphoning money from their victims.

South Africa has been home to criminals who care about nothing but themselves. It took the assistance of the FBI from the United States to make this breakthrough, an indication that these are high-profile crimes. It is high time the South African government puts measures in place to avoid criminals from foreign countries from using the country as their working area.

Most of these crimes are alleged to be committed by foreign nationals. A couple of days back, a Nigerian national was also busted with some drugs in his car after a tip-off. One wonders how these criminals that come from other countries to South Africa operate for a long time without getting caught. There is a need for stricter control of the borders to avoid South Africa from having criminals.

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