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Sassa Beneficiaries Must Not Pay Electricity And Water Bills Says Julius Malema/Opinion


Julius Malema says that when he wins the elections and become president. He will make sure all black people take back the land from the white settlers .He also says that he will build RDP houses for them in Sandton.Malema doesn't have a limit to his promises and now he has made another promise to South Africans.

Malema believes that everyone who is a beneficiary of the R350 SASSa grants should not be paying electricity and water bills .Malema wants all people who get Sassa grants to not pay any taxes in this country .

This is a very understandable statement. Clearly the people who are benefitting from Sassa dont have any source of income and that little R350 they have to use it for bills , food and medical supplies .It really sounds unfair because that money is too little,taking off electricity and water bills will really help them to save that money.

However on the other side the more other people get free electricity the more eskom is gonna introduce loadshedding .Its bad enough that the country already doesn't have enough electricity now imagine if there are people getting it for free, it will make things worse .As much as Malema idea is a good one it will really make other tax payers suffer .Already they are paying for those R350 grants through tax and now they also have to pay for the electricity thats the Sassa beneficiaries will be getting for free .So now tell me does that sound like a good idea .

In my opinion everyone in South Africa should pay their own bills and taxes .Nobody must get a free ride because it will cause more problems like loadshedding.

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