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Man Kills His Own Children And Puts Them In A Fridge

A video surfaced in which a girl, Millicent Amadigwa, said that her husband was continuously planning to murder their children and before she knew it he did kill them at the end. Millicent Amadigwa explained how she returned home from the market only to find her kids inside the freezer. Her children had been transported to the hospital emergency room, where they were declared dead.

She was asked if she suspected anyone of murdering her daughters. In response to the question, Millicent Amadigwa claimed that the first person who came to mind was her husband, who is the father of her children since he is the one who continuously attempted to murder them so that two of them may appear within the news. According to Millicent Amadigwa, her husband has been putting her children in danger since a year ago just to appear on news. She stated that her spouse did not provide her with funds to care for the now-deceased.

"I left the children with their father, and I sell clean tomatoes at the market. When I returned home that day, I was surprised to see that no one had come to greet me as they had done previously. When I came, I asked my husband (Mr. Ifeayin Amadikwa) about the children, and he said he didn't know anything about their location. I looked everywhere for the youngsters; I even looked in the bush for them. I looked around the neighbor's house but couldn't find them.

I was surprised to discover my husband sitting down considerably less anxious; he was no longer even concerned about the missing children. He started sewing his pants when I started looking for the kids. When he was finished, he put on his pants and led me to a refrigerator. He told me to look for the youngsters she was looking for since they were playing inside the refrigerator. When I opened the refrigerator, I observed the youngsters heaped up against each other within the refrigerator. They were already worthless, and their lips had turned black, with any other stuff popping out of their mouth. She stated this. This happened in Nigeria.

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