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Nigerian man resist arrest by the SAPS says what did I do

Nigerian man resist arrest by the police today it is alleged that he is an drug dealer, and fit the perfect description of the suspect and the police wanted to him for questioning but resist arrest when the police want to take him for questioning.

His fellow County man shouting what did he do, and the police end up not arresting the man for questioning which is something foreign nationals are currently doing in South Africa breaking the law and not allowthe law to take its cause.

According to the information given the police end up driving away without the man who was shouting I didn't do anything wrong and the police end up letting the suspect go. Which the man was an suspect of drug dealer.

The Nigerian nationals have been an issue of selling drungs into the streets of South Africa, it is an issue that SA is dealing with in a major problem of having drugs being sold to young people and destroying their future.

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