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Police shot 7 months old baby trying to make an arrest

Nadoo Ahaangba, a seven-month-old baby, was allegedly shot by police officers while aiming to apprehend hoodlums at the Makurdi International Market in Benue state.

According to reports, the event occurred while police officers were shooting indiscriminately and a bullet struck Nadoo in the hand.

Tyokaa, her father, claimed that the police refused to accept responsibility for the incident, and that his family then became penniless owing to medical expenditures.

On October 7, my wife was selling food at the market intersection when the policeman passed by approximately 8 p.m. He narrated the occurrence. They reversed their vehicle as they passed several boys bartering over something on the road. When those boys noticed them, they bolted, and the cops began shooting indiscriminately.

People started running while they were shooting, and my wife rushed as well to avoid being caught up in the chaos, not realizing that a bullet had hit my baby on her right hand, shattering her finger. He said.

We transported her to E Division, and when the DPO saw what had happened, he assisted in bandaging her hand and rushed her to the hospital, says the soldier. When we arrived at the hospital, the doctor informed us that we would need to deposit N200,000 before they could perform any operation on her, so my older brother proceeded to the state headquarters to complain to the Commissioner of Police.

"Although the bullet hit all of her fingers, one of them has turned black; the finger is completely shattered." I've spent all of the money I have, and this episode has had a significant impact on me. I'm not at ease since the entire load has been placed on my shoulders, and I'm only an Okada rider. My wife, who used to help with the food she sold, is now the one who is caring for the baby in the hospital. "I'm in tears."

He requested that the hospital expenditures be paid by the police, and that the family be compensated for the child's irreparable harm.

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Nadoo Ahaangba


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