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Theft robbery

Cash Crusaders robbed earlier today by 3 men who set off a smoke bomb.

One of my favorite stores at shopping malls has always been the Cash Crusaders store. They usually sell second hand and new technology at cheap prices which is why every month I always find myself in one. Earlier today though one of the stores was robbed in a traumatic experience and I have the video down below. Tell me what you think after reading the article and watching it.

In the video (Which you can watch by clicking the link below) , Cash Crusaders employees are helping customers with products that are in the display case, they don't know it yet but things are about to turn traumatic. About halfway through the video one of the three men being helped pulls out a gun on the employees, the men then proceed to break into the display cases and take expensive electronics. While we do not know what exactly they took, those display cases usually hold New products, mostly cellphones from Cash Crusaders business partner Doogee. The men then leave as smoke erupts from one of the isles, possible a smoke bomb that they set off.

Click on the link below we watch the video:

The entire robbery was caught on the CCTV and took place at their Bluff location so it is likely that these men will be caught. Tell me what you think in the comments and follow for more news as it happens.

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