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A lady turned herself into laughing stock after people noticed this on her picture

The image of a lady in the groove is circulating on social media and this woman in the photo is being talked about in town. It was after people on Twitter noticed something very strange about this woman. Many people believe that when a person grows up there are changes. If you are over 20 some people give you a weird look if you like cartoons.

 In the photo, it can be seen that this girl is not outside and having fun with other friends. Suddenly, people give this woman a strange look after they notice that of all the things she can wear they know she’s going out with friends, but she chooses to wear Sponge Bob underwear.

 Twitter users ambushed the comment section and shared how they felt about an old woman wearing Sponge Bob underwear when going out with friends “You state at as ** s sponge bob stares back at it "said" a Twitter user who found this strange. "He would have worn some square pants" jokingly said another Twitter user.

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