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Road Accident

Take a look at some of the cars damaged while parked

What are the chances of your car being damaged or written of while parked whether at home or at the mall, the chances are very high that you may wake up and the tree from your neighbor fell on yours or a sign from the mall fell on your car or another car crashed into yours, these kind of accidents do occur and they can happen to anyone.

There are so many parked cars that have been damaged over the years and many owners were left to cry as they had to see their cars damaged, they could not do anything to help and avoid the incident from happening, unfortunately these things can happen to anyone's car and there is not anything you can do about it.

To many drivers have found their cars damaged while at the mall and sometimes the person responsible for the damage will drive away as if nothing happened, trees falling on cars well there is nobody you can blame for that but if a sign falls on the car then you can blame the people who erected the sign.

Today we take a look at some of the most damaged parked cars, what would you do if you find your car damaged when you know you left your car parked in one piece then return from shopping to find another car crashed into your and the culprit drove away.

Here are some of the cars damaged while parked at home or at the mall, do drop a comment on what you think of some of these incident and be sure to click on the like button and to share this content with your peers, if you have not yet subscribed to this channel then be sure to click on the follow link so that you don't miss out on what's going on in the world of cars.

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