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House Of Zwide:Molefe Continues To Hide Isaac From The Family See What Will Happen


Rea will be irate and harmed after finding that molefe has been nursing Isaac in the back room

This week on House of Zwide, Rea will find that molefe has been nursing Isaac in the back room. She will be harmed and feel double-crossed by Molefe. This has turned into a subject of discussion for some individuals on facebook.

Some answered that Molefe ought not be accused since he is simply attempting to help. Isaac has been helping him so he is giving back.

Certain individuals answered that they comprehend where Rea is coming from. She is as yet harmed and in torment. She is carrying on of outrage since she feels sold out by the individual she assumed she knew. Her injuries are still new. It can never be simple for her to acknowledge that the man she adored such a long time has followed through with something like this. What's more, he likewise caused her to accept that Ona was deserted by her mom. Rea was misled by the man she confided in more than anybody.

Some answered that Rea is disheartened yes yet Isaac is as yet her better half. Isaac committed errors and changed from them. He ought not be rebuffed for his past. He raised Ona with adoration and thoroughly took care of his loved ones. He committed an error however this is excessively.

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