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Road Accident

A man asked for prayers after surviving a life threatening accident

The reason why we are always thankful for seeing another day is that no one is guaranteed to live forever, and there is no warning before one's last day on earth. Accidents happen every day, and it is by the grace of God that others survive those accidents.

Social media allows us to motivate, congratulate, show some love and pray for each other when it is necessary, which is why Phila Phungashe from Johannesburg, used the platform to ask people to pray for him after surviving a horrible accident.

Phila posted a photo of his Kia Picanto that looks like it was hit from the left hand side. He announced that he is currently in the hospital and that the accident took place on Saturday. He then asked people to always remember him in their prayers as he sustained broken ribs. He says his car was written off by the insurance company.

After seeing this post, people came together to wish Phila a speedy recovery. They are praying and hoping that Phila's Gods will have mercy on him and give him strength until he is able to stand on his own.

Shortly after being given assurance by one guy that he would get well, he also suggested that Phila should get professional help in order to defeat the trauma.

He was also told by someone called Ntokozo that he is going to regain his strength to live through this dark moment in his life. Ntokozo is certain that things will brighten up very soon for Phila. All he needs to do is to remain positive and be hopeful.

I think Phila should be thankful for his life. He might have lost his car, but what he should remember is that some people lose their cars as well as lives in the process. I love the way that people reacted to his request. They did not want to know whether he was drunk, or if he was the one at fault when the accident happened, but they gave him the prayers he asked for instead.

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