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VIDEO:Klerksdorp gangsters fights, cars and houses burns down

Klerksdorp gangsters are seen fighting each other from the street and cars are being part of their fight. Those vehicles are burning down to ashes coming from their combat while people are looking at them.

Those vehicles are suffering from their fight in results of the fire, from their engagement into fighting. While residents are witnessing a fight from gangsters, vehicles are burning down in the mean time during their fight.

Some community residents are thinking of getting water and pour it on those cars, but they are being told that it is too late for them to do it. Those cars are already burning to ashes and it could be a risk to anyone trying to get close to them.

Others who are in front of others are being told not to get close to those cars. It is dangerous to get close to those vehicles trying to stop the fire, without having any knowledge and experience of how they should do it.

It needs professionally trained individuals to prevent the fire from doing any further damage on those cars and they should also not be late because, they would already find those vehicles being already burnt down to ashes.

The reason why those gangsters ended in this situation, it is not yet reported and the danger from those vehicles after catching a huge fire continues. The fire on them looks very much uncontrollable and people should not get close to them.

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