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IN SHOCK|| Look What Was Found Hanging On A Tree With A Picture Of A Woman And Dress.

A horrific discovery unearthed in the woods has once again shocked the general population in South Africa.

As a consequence of the finding that was made by a member of the community in the woods of Limpopo, a great number of people are astounded.

It would seem that quite a few people are bothered by the fact that a picture of a woman who has passed away was attached to a chicken that was being hung by its neck.

People in the neighborhood were convinced that it had something to do with witchcraft due to the fact that the chicken possessed niddles and that its legs were tied together with a thread.

The neighbors were finally persuaded and horrified as a consequence of the traditional medicine that had been put on the clothing that were found near to the dead bird.

It breaks my heart to see the damage that people do one another via the practice of witchcraft.

People in the neighborhood are certain that this is the product of witchcraft, and that the lady shown in the painting is afflicted in some manner. They believe that she is possessed in some way.

Some individuals are of the opinion that the curse was said with the goal of bringing about the untimely death or excruciating suffering of the lady shown in the painting.

You will get advice from other people telling you not to do something to other people because it is improper.

Source: Burgersfort Tv

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