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R.I.P. Selina Mathetdza, 26-Year-Old Brutally Murdered

Another young woman, Selina Mathetdza aged 26 from Bochum (Avon Marobjane) who was found killed and raped on last Sunday, in an abandoned house laid to rest. The incident was very unfortunate and the family is grieving and looking for justice for their loved one, South Africa has a serious problem with this violence and that is the reason that it must be brought down for the members of the public to stay safe in the streets.

The women are walking on egg shells on the streets because they do not feel in any way safe from the assault of the random stranger and this should be completely abolished, where anyone who might even come across such an incident is expected to act accordingly and try by all means to intervene and prevent any more heartache.

The police are still on high alert looking for the perpetrator of this heinous criminal act as they have to be found very quickly and brought to justice so that they can be able to arrest them and remove them from terrorizing the member sir our society, criminals like this are clearly not in a position to be among the members of the public because they are definitely creating an environment which is not conducive for living.

The statistics of crimes especially murders in South Africa are quiet alarming that they rival those of countries that are in war, this is something that has to be looked into because we cannot like like this it is not conducive because South Africa is starting to look as bad as Mexico with the many crimes that are happening someone has to intervene.

The police are promising to have more officers trained for the job but we're still waiting, and we were under the impression that there are Police Reservists who would be more than happy to start working because with this high unemployment rate they surely do need the work.

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Bochum R.I.P. Selina Mathetdza South Africa


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