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His father bought a fancy car for their maid. People think there is another reason he bought the car

People having workers or people working for them in their homes has the most close workers. People who works in garden, kitchens and all those. Some workers are so honest and kind to the people they are working for, that they even develop a bond and the kids in that home finally takes them as their own mothers, fathers, aunts or uncles.

Some workers have been working for the same people for over many years and their employers tend to reward some people because of their loyalty and honesty towards their work and taking care of their property. A boy posted a car on Twitter and said his father bought the car for their maid who has worked for them for over a decade now and he bought her the car because she has been good to them. People think there is another reason the maid got that car because it's not just a car but an Audi.

Check the tweet of the son and the car.

See people's reactions towards his tweet.

What do you think? Can it be that his father honestly bought her the car or there is another reason? Please leave your reply In the comments section below, like and also don't forget to share.

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