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'This Is The Zimbabwean Man Who Killed 7 Women In Seshego

A 34-year-old Zimbabwean man who was arrested after being found guilty if murdering 7 women has appeared in Seshego court. The man was arrested earlier this weekend has been charged with seven counts of murder, many South Africans are not happy with the decision that was made. We are tired of seeing criminals being arrested after murdering people, it is even worse that the people would have murdered more than one person which shows that they are very dangerous to the community and capable of even murdering more people. Those people should just be given to community members so that they can be dealt with thoroughly, clearly the law is failing the citizens of the country.

Arresting him is more like protecting him, he will be eating, sleeping and bathing comfortably while the families of the victims are in pain. The South African government is failing its citizens, It’s sad how these foreigners tend to anything they want in our country and our president doesn’t do anything about it. In their own countries they don’t do any sort of crimes, but here these people failed us and this is just the beginning.

They are scared to even still small things because their own presidents are very strict and their laws are tough on them, but here in South Africa the law is very soft and it allows them to be able to do whatever they want despite the crimes that they do. What's worse is the fact that those people who are illegal here and should be deported after their arrest, but it seems like it doesn't happen that way in this country because people even get out of prison on bail. The main question here is how these people even enter the country without proper documentation, clearly there is too much corruption involved in this whole thing.

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