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JUST IN| Woman loses R10m Ferrari key during Pretoria, and this is how much she offered for the keys R5,000 reward is being offered by a woman in Pretoria for the safe return of the key to her white Ferrari FF. She doesn't own a spare key.A recent altercation outside two popular Pretoria bars has seen a woman scrambling to find the key to her expensive Ferrari which was lost during the commotion in Moreleta Park. A friend of the female, Johnny Rockett, shared on social media last week and shared a photograph of a key of a Ferarri FF, worth roughly R10m, giving R5,000 commendation to its safe return.

Rockett said it'd cost at least R120,000 to replace the key which went missing after a “small altercation” at Jack Friday’s last week on Sunday. He could now never again show the identity proof of ownership of the vehicle. Part owner of Jack Friday's, Allen Nyamupachitu, informed TimesLIVE that there was a quarrel among women at their the norm on Sunday. "Our staff controlled to diffuse the circumstance."Tap to activate or exit full screen

"We looked at the footage and we can't see any keys being dropped to the ground. We searched by anyplace in the parking garage, we even searched in the drains." He said the white Ferrari should have been stacked onto a flatbed and towed away.Tap to activate or exit full screen

"The vehicle owner mentioned assuming that she ought to situate up flyers giving recognition to the return of her keys, we didn't have an issue with that," Rockett said there has been no extra key for the vehicle. "The problem is that while you request the auto the extra mystery's an extra R39,000.“The problem is that when you order the car the spare key is an extra R39,000. Not a lot of people who drive these vehicles have a spare key but these vehicles are usually parked in their showroom or garage.” Tap to activate or exit full screen


The car on its own is useless if it does not have a key, and the owner can't show proof of ownership since it is locked. It is advisable to top up the reward price so that people won't think twice after finding the key. Please share your thoughts below and follow me for more exclusive news reporting

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