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Meet The African Cannibal Who Killed and Ate Human Beings Like Meat Because Of What He Gets From it

Individuals can be classified based on their traits and motivations. People of different ethnic groups have vastly different attitudes and behaviors, which explains the wide range of individual differences.

Some people nowadays have no compassion; they delight in inflicting pain and suffering on another human being solely for their own satisfaction. People are so callous that they even kill their own kind as part of religious rites or for no good reason at all.

There's a good chance you'll run into Clifford Orji, a Nigerian from Enugu State. He had a nice demeanor, yet he was a vicious cannibal who devoured the flesh of innocent victims. This depraved individual hails from Nigeria, our next-door neighbor. When rumors about him began circulating on social media, he quickly turned into a wanted man.

As it turned out, he was a roadside hawker selling razor blades, and no one had ever suspected that he was a potentially lethal cannibal. For several years, he was able to carry out his heinous deeds without anyone suspecting a thing.

Unfortunately for him, a loud noise was heard from under a bridge in February 1999, exposing him to the public. Bystanders raced to the bridge to check what was going on below, but when they arrived, they discovered something eerily strange.

People began smelling foul odors after Clifford Orji was found under the bridge, and this drew a lot of attention to the case. People were horrified to discover roasted human limbs and body parts such as fresh human heads, skulls, thighs, and arms.

At least one person survived the incident thanks to quick rescue efforts. He was probed and asked why he committed such a depraved deed against his fellow human being after the police captured Clifford Orji.

He admitted that he and a friend regularly plan to assassinate street peddlers and their young female victims. It's like eating goat, he remarked, since it tastes just like goat. When he was released from prison in 2021 after serving a 15-year sentence, no one stepped forward to claim his body.

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