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Bushiri Fraud Case Co Accused Paid R8m While Behind Bars

crime doesn't pay that's what people say,i totally disagree Consequences of criminal acts pays it doesn't matter if its minimal or maximum punishment.

Criminal acts are led by the Devil,he will give you sugar and excel in them,but what he doesn't do is to show you the salt of that sugar(Consequences).

Do you see now when i say crime pays not in good way though but it definitely pays.People might get way with criminal acts but time is coming for everyone who thinks they got away.

State is opposing bail application of Mr Mudolo who is co accused with Bushiri.Mudolo appeared in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on yesterdsy.His wife Zethu, and the Bushiri family face multiple fraud charges.The couple are the only accused still in custody.

Mudolo previously told the court that the bond on his property in South Africa had been paid off and that he intended on pledging the premises as security for his bail.

However, one of the chief investigators in the case who took the stand on Monday told the court that Mudolo had an outstanding loan of R8 248 404.88 which was taken out against the property. He confirmed that the loan has been paid in full.

The chief investigator told the court that he believes the accused number 1 [Mudolo] has access to vast amounts of funds even while incarcerated and therefore remains a major flight risk.

Bushiri And co accused must just pays back people's money. This shows they are guilty sometimes the law its too slow to act.

The Citizen

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