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Imbewu the seed : Nosipho's plan took an unexpected turn leading Nkunzi to silence her.

Hello everyone welcome back to Sanelyf Channel and thank you so much for tunning in.

Guys we are talking about a war between Nkunzi and Nosipho who her character will be facing hell. 

Trying to fight Nkunzi was not a good decision, life will move Nosipho from hilltop mansion to the shark with rats, her deal with the police will take an unexpected turn leading Nkunzi into putting a hit and silence Nosipho forever. 

Guys We all know that everything Nkunzi owns belong to Nosipho's father, so she was actually trying get what belong to her, I personally think Nosipho is very young to pick up a fight alone with the crimeLord Nkunzi, Funny enough the person she trusted Detective mdlalose who promised to protect her will be no where to be found. 

Nkunzi will be furious to find who was behind his arrest, he will kick her out of the house and force her to a sad new home, Nosipho life will be very hard , finding herself with no one on her side, no friends, no family only an apology from Mondli who fail to protect her, now I know why Nkunzi calls him ismawumawu. 

Nosipho being raised by a business woman Lindiwe, mama uguluvakazi she will start selling her expensive clothes and start loan shark business. Nosipho promised the viewers that her character will rise from ashes to Phoenix again. 

Guys This is all I have for today, do leave your comments below and share your opinions 

In that note Thank you so much watching see you on my next upload. By

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