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The Community Force The Nyaope Boy To Bath See Here Mzansi Is Praising The Community

People found dirty as something which is disgusting and if a person is not bathing because maybe because of its financial problem and also other social issues the community manage to find one nyaope kid and bath him by force.

Too many people on the street they will see this as a form of abuse or rather as a form of manipulating but the truth is the community was only helping the person so that he can look good and smell nice.

it's not the problem that we found person on the street with dating because someday we'll be coming from work someday we'll be dirty because they fall on the mud .

But if the community found you everyday with dirty they have to do something and make you look good and smell nice many people who are now on the streets they no longer care about themselves.

this make young children who are on the street to think that these people are criminals even though not all of them are criminals but because they looked dirty.

Twitter user uploaded the picture of a nyaope boy bathing in the bakkie after the intervention of community elders after seeing him multiple times without bathing and end up deciding that they have to do something well tell us what do you think about this situation and also provide solution.

South Africa were in a tough situation now we found ourselves in the area of coronavirus which is dictating our life and how we should go about it you must wear mask everyday.

make sure that you sent is your hands when you enter every premises because you would be helping yourself and others continue observing and also following the corner virus protocols thank you.

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