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Twenty ways to survive in Johannesburg without getting robbed

Here are the list of things you need to avoid in Johannesburg CBD to avoid being mugged and walk freely around the city.

If you are offered a job by any chance no matter how broke you are don't fall into the trap because they might take you to a neglected building to rob you and strip you off your clothes. walk away immediately.Say No & don't look back; even if it's for charity, run.

Don't wear earphone or headphones while walking around Johannesburg CBD it attracts criminals.

When you hear group of people shouting vhimba just know that things are going to be very bad just hit the road and clock your speed limit, or get into the nearest shop.

When a person offer to sell a smartphone at a very low price just don't entertain them walk away from them and disappear on their eyes since they might try to trace you down.

Try to avoid acting stupid when you see celebrities in Bramfontein, Newton because they are always there and once you get too excited when you see them criminals can easily notice that you are knew in town and they can mark you and follow you.

Do not wear mini skirt or reveling clothes when you are going to Johannesburg CBD

Never go to China mall alone because that side is very quiet and you can easily get mugged it's more dangerous there you will be jacked.

Once you get into a taxi ensure that nearest window window is closed since there are local criminals who can easily access the window and take your phone within five seconds, once you enter Hilbrow put your phone away, you will only take it out on the freeway, mugging and two finger happens so freaking fast in Jozi

Whenever you see someone with a big bag asking for taxi fare money just know that they belong there that story is not new, continue with your journey.

Those Nigerians who always offers to buy your phone for big cash at Bree taxi rank don't entertain them just run fast before you get robbed by their boys.

Even when you see someone dropping a stash of cash just focus on your journey and mind your own business and avoid landing your life in big trouble.

Try to walk where everyone is walking because truly speaking there are no short cut in jozi so you rather keep yourself safe All the time

Never ask for a direction at MTN taxi rank because it might cost you R100 to R200 if they offer to accompany you

Around jozi even when you see a cow falling from the sky don't look surprised just keep moving and moving much faster.

Never say sorry to anyone they might try to bump into you purposely so that they can easily engage you while trying to search your pockets or hand bag.

Don't ever allow any Marshall or Nyaope boys to carry your bags no matter how heavy it might be.

17. Finally, The First Corner Rule. Very Important!! If you

find yourself walking alone & you see people following &

your Instinct tells you shit's about to go down you're damn

right, shit's about to go down so stay calm, act confident,

don't run at that point because if you run they will chase

you & catch your ass then get some ass whooping but, at

the first corner run as if you're trying to break Caster

Semenya's record, & When you look back you'll see them

Running after you from a distance. Remember, first corner

you become a damn Olympic Sprinter!

Content created and supplied by: Cleon (via Opera News )

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