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Theft robbery

December incidents have started. See what Mzansi criminals did to a moving SPAR truck on N1. Video

Festive season has arrived, and this is the opportunity for criminals to rob people of their belongings, and important items. People are cautioned to always stay indoors if it is not necessary for them to go out during the festive season. People should not be controlled by peer pressure and the festive mood, which will ultimately result in devastating consequences. The sad reality is that many people are going to get injured and possibly die, because of the festive mood. This will come with reckless driving and drinking and driving, causing fatal car accidents. The focus should not be on these two only, as there are plenty of horrible crimes that people are subjected to during the festive season. 

The law enforcement is on high alert, as police know that during the festive season a lot of people will be coming forward with theft cases. No one should be the victim of such crimes. People want to reunite with their families in this festive season and have a great time. The communities should also work together to make sure that criminals do not have an upper hand. In this video that has shocked South Africa, people can witness that criminals do not fear death, and they are ready to do anything in their power to get what they want. This is a clear message to truck drivers to always look after themselves, as at any moment the criminals will capitalize.

This video shows two trucks overtaking each other on a highway. The truck that was overtaking stayed on the lane for too long, only to find out that a criminal was using this to his advantage to penetrate the SPAR truck. He did this successfully, and most of the goods were taken out of this truck and thrown on the road. This video went viral on social media, as people learnt other types of crimes happening in South Africa.


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