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UKZN: Woman in viral video being beaten in a taxi is not on our records

The University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN); issued a statement denying any knowledge of Fezile Mtolo; as one of their students. The university checked their records after the woman said she was studying at Howard College campus.

Ndlangamandla who beat up Mtolo

Mtolo came into focus two weeks ago; when she was involved in a physical altercation with a man; who was later identified as Maurice Ndlangisa; in a taxi that was travelling from Pietermaritzburg to Durban.

Ndlangisa told the local newspaper that Mtolo and her friend Mbali Zwane; were drunk and roudy in the taxi. They had boarded with alcohol and continued to drink during the trip.

The fight inside the taxi that went viral

However; it was revealed that they did not only do that; they swore at the driver after he refused to increaese the volume at their reqest. One of them spit but it was not clear where her spit had landed.

The altercation began when other passengers alighted in Pinetown and the two moved from the back seat and sat behind Ndlangisa. Mtolo's friend; Mbali Zwane; spilled her drink on Ndlangisa and apologised; but Mtolo asked her why she was apologising to a bald old man.

The local newspaper then called Mtolo to ask her why did she say that she was a student at UKN; she reponded furiously and asked them why are they still rehashig this matter because it has traumatised her.

She said the video has caused trouble between her and her family. She said she deliberately gave the newspaper the wrong surname; because she knew this will backfire.

She asked the local newspaper why did they write that; she said she does not date taxi drivers; because they have now put her in danger of being beaten up by them whe she travels.

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