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WATCH| Suspected Thief Cries In Pain After His Hand Gets Stuck At A Truck Tailgate


To fight crime, Operation Dudula has been raiding shops, homes, and stalls that are owned not only by illegal immigrants but those owned by suspected criminals as well. Their emergence is a logical outcome of a citizenry that's disgruntled with the state. 

The rampant criminality and lethargic or absent policing, not to mention the justice system that's failing ordinary South Africans have left many people distressed, with some resorting to mob justice to help fight crime.

In most cases, criminals are beaten up by an angry mob and in some cases, others never made it out of life. The masses are tired of being terrorized by criminals and they have lost faith in the police.

In a viral video, a suspected thief was crying in pain after his got hand got stuck in a truck tailgate. It is not clear if he was about to enter the truck or if he was getting out, but he couldn't move. He kept crying in pain but received no assistance from the owners of the truck who found him hanging outside, trying to pull out his hand.


Whilst some find this punishment inhumane, citing that the owners should have contacted the police, others believe that this is the only way to teach criminals a lesson. They add that such thieves never learn, that they continue to steal even when their hand is amputated.

Could this be the result of poverty, drugs, and unemployment? People's grievances are genuine. They are hungry and cannot make ends meet.

Our leaders live in the comfort zone of gated communities and are out of touch with reality. They are not dealing with the bread and butter issues of ordinary people.

If the government does not do anything to provide jobs for the masses, they will continue to loot given the opportunity. Some will continue to rob businesses and their neighbours.

Regarding the issue of crime, poor communities have no panic buttons or armed responses. How else must they protect themselves if the police take time to respond? Until such a time that police do their jobs effectively and protect citizens from criminals, people will continue to teach criminals a lesson the way that they see fit.

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