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He loses containers so this is how they pack his lunch box at home for work.

It seems twitter people never seem to amaze there is a young man on twitter that posted a picture that has been trending, he posted how his lunch box looks like after he has been loosing containers at work. On the picture it shows some two plastics full of food the other one had rice in it, and the other some pieces of meat. On the picture he posted it was written “ we are fighting because of tupperware”.

Everyone who grew up in a family where they used to pack lunch for them for school they know very well how mothers get angry if you lose their Tupperware. Now it seems they got tired of him loosing them so their preparing his lunch in plastics.

Here is the picture of the rice and the meat in some see through plastics, as people from twitter make fun of him and how he will eat at work.

if it was you in his shoes would you take this lunch to work like this?

Though people on twitter are making fun of him he is not bothered by the condition of his lunch box.

After the posted pictures people commented on his post and shared their laugh. Here are the comments screenshots from twitter that the people were laughing about.

source : twitter social media platform

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