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The 350 dates for June is now online. Log in and check.


Already, Sassa has updated the date information for the month of June and made it available for public use. When you need to check the time right now, all you have to do is go to the Sassa website and pick the "status check" option from the menu.

When those individuals who have not been paid for more than three months as of the present date go to the Post Office to verify what is going on, they should have a legitimate form of identification with them and bring it with them to the Post Office. Do not be afraid to go to the post office that is located closest to you if you are having issues because you will receive assistance there if you go there. If you are having issues, go to the post office. Because there have been other instances in which an error in your application has occurred, Sassa strongly recommends that individuals perform a comprehensive check prior to submitting their request. This is because there have been other instances in which an error in your application has occurred.

A recent statement that was made public revealed that all 350 individuals who had previously been awarded grants intended to submit new applications for funding. This information was made public. We do not know the reasons why Sassa is acting the way she is, but if she is successful in bringing workers who have not been paid into the fold, the riches will be dispersed in accordance with that success. We are well aware that the processes of working and finding solutions to problems in each job category are diverse, just as we are well aware that organizations use a number of strategies to address a range of obstacles.

During the first week of every month, the payments for the SRD grants that were due for that particular month were consistently distributed to the recipients. In spite of the fact that the receivers have been encouraged to utilize retailers instead or to have the money transmitted to their bank accounts in order to prevent problems and long queues of people, a significant number of them continue to employ the conventional approach. In addition, it is important to note that when it comes to the doling out of Social Grant payments, we always make sure to do so in a way that is compliant with the standards.

There is still a possibility for you, gentlemen, even if it has been over three months since you have paid; all you need to do is file a fresh application. It is important that you are aware that the payments owed to you for the month of May will not be released or paid until the month of June. Good luck!

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