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Road Accident

PICTURES: A man who added features on his bicycle left people worried sick about him

A man chose to redesign his miscible and added some features so that his bicycle will look different from others. This man showed people how creative he can be and people really believe he is way too talented and creative and they praised his creativity.

But people were more worried about this man's well-being, he made his bicycle higher than any other bicycle, and people were worried and wondering what would happen if he falls. What made people so worried is that this man looks old, with that being said, if an accident happens it might take time for him to heal.Facebook users have shared their thoughts on this. Terfa said: "There is nothing creative here. If he falls from this high horse he will understand creativity more". Many people "were just concerned about his well-being " "it's all funny until he falls down...The hight". Some people were wondering how this man climb off this high bicycle "How does he come down" asked Beson.

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