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Pakistan Nationals Under Fire After This Was Spotted Inside Noodles

The image shows another incident where a person had went to purchase a pack of noodles only to discover that those noodles were completely unsafe, the incident has since caused a stir on social media.

Now ordinary members of the public have to familiarize themselves with the different types of noodles that we are exposed to, and to also be able to tell if they safe at all because it seems like we’re in a situation where we aren’t really safe from eating some foods.

We've already heard stories about children not surviving after eating noodles, so it has become quite a concern with ordinary members of the public.

Now as ordinary members we only concerned about our safety since it seems like the government does not concern themselves with the safety of the ordinary members of the public, we are left in no choice but to be very careful about the types of foods that we eat.

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