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A Man Is Seen Performing A Love Ritual In A River. Beautiful Ladies Beware.

"Muti will always be present in Africa since it is our custom." In town, there are approximately four multi stores and over 20 GPs [general practitioners]. "Most individuals go to the doctor to get letters to take to work, then they come here," she explained.

Mama Thomba explained that muti was herbal medicine, not witchcraft. "I'm not a sangoma," she says. These herbs are for sale because of the expertise I learned from my parents and grandparents. People should stop referring to muti as witchcraft; they are plants that I either dig myself or purchase from Johannesburg markets. She wondered aloud, "How can a person utilize plants to kill another person?"

To watch the video following this link: Man Performs Love Ritual In a River

However not everyone uses muti for a pure reasons. Some people use it to find love.

In Cape Town, love potions are the fastest-growing traditional medicine company. The goal is to put muti in the meal of someone you like and have them fall madly and unconditionally in love with you, according to the sangomas who sell the potions.

The potions are claimed to be so powerful that those who consume them will never cheat on their lovers, and will even forgive them if they do.

This week, a healer in Langa's Joe Slovo informal community who is known for "binding men to their ladies" was so busy that her shack was full every time the Weekend Argus showed there.

According to Bulose, love herbs were once sought by married people, but now the majority of his clients are single women who say they wish to stay with one spouse because of the HIV and Aids pandemic.

"They want to bind their lovers so that they don't cheat and spread the sickness," he explained. Bulose, 54, has used love herbs and claims that they work.

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