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Here's a Secret Why In Rural Areas They Put Tires on the Roof - OPINION

If you have been in rural areas or just passed by, you might have noticed the houses roof had tires on top. So why do they put tires in the roof? Is it some kind of decoration or what.

Well, here we have all the answers you meed:-

# Protects against the lighting

Some people have like metal roof which is known to attract the lighting. So they'll put tires in the roof to protect themselves from being struked by lighting.

This is because tires are rubber act as an insulator, which is a material that electrical charge can't flow through. Since lightning is as the ssme as electric shock.

#2 Chase Away Snakes

It is believed that a tyre smell chases away snakes from your house. I mean snakes will literally will not enter your house even yard if they smell tires.

#3 Protect Against Harsh Weather

Since tire are really heavy, they're placed on top of the roof to protect from harsh weathers such as really strong winds that could possibly blow the roof off. So the tire would be hard to be moved by wind.

And they also prevents the banging sounds caused by wind which can really disturb a person's beauty sleep. As you know most rural houses are poorly built.

#4 Used as Decor

Tires this way are reuse or recycled so they're placed on top of the roof for decor purposes. Some even plant beautiful flowers inside the tires.

#5 Great Bird nests

Also tires on the roof make a great hoyse for birds and bats who are seeking warmth at night or on winter seasons. So instead of them building their nest on your house windows, roof , ventilators and every corner. It can seem really untidy.

Does your home has a tire on the roof? Tell us your family secret why they've placed tyre on roof? Please share your opinion with us on a comment section below section below.

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Content created and supplied by: Andrina.Ndaba (via Opera News )


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