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What They Gave The Children At The Tarven Was Free: See what

While the whole of South Africa is still trying to figure out how such a heartbreaking scenario of 21 school children dying at Enyobeni tarven in East London, with many possibilities being discussed as the possible cause of the massacre. 

This has left a lot of people concerned and heartbroken as people did not imagine that something like this could happen, especially on a month that is dedicated to the youth. 

As the day goes by, more details keep emerging on what really transpired and one of the lucky ones who survived has given a report on how they were served free booze and free alcohol at the venue as there was a birthday celebration and a pens down event at the same time. 

"It was a really great party and they were giving us free food and free alcohol. It was until The bouncers closed the door and just as we were about to revolt against that, we started smelling tear gas. There’s only one entrance/exit so people couldn’t come in or go out. I fainted while we were downstairs, however, I woke up after a few hours in the steps so I assume someone took me upstairs,” she explained. 

The traven owner will surely be having sleepless nights as this kind of ordeal is one that may force his hand to permanently close down the business, more so that his liquor license has been repossessed by the police. 

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