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House wife beat a teenager for his husband in front of her school mates


House wife beat a teenager for his husband in front of her school mates

A woman by the name of Sindi Mokone [38] is bully wife. She is always after young school girls beating them up for his husband. Once his husband chat on facebook with a little girl, she pick up a fight without knowing what they are talking about. She can’t read texts and she don’t even ask whats going on. A fight don’t solve but ruin. Last year she fought two girls from the school called Setuka in Limpopo Zebediela. She two girls teamed up and beat her so hard but she never learned a lesson, she is getting even worse. Fighting is a bad habit to her, when she don’t fight her life goes to the left, but fighting in a month for her is a salary. 

Sindi went to Kgakala secondary school visiting a grade 12 learner. She acted like she is a parent to the young girl. This young was writing her trial Exam today but her fake parent ruined her day after writing. This girl was chatting with Mr Mokone on facebook about her Exam, Mr Mokone knows more about Life Sciences and Geography, the principal came to rescue the learner and the woman was found guilty. The man was called and he came with immediate effect, the chats between the man and young girl was revealed. No one is wrong between them but the woman is wring by fighting a young girl for nothing. She later went to the young girl’s family for forgiveness and she got it.

We all know she was provoked by the image of the young girl and she was trying to save her marriage. She is truly wrong but she was trying to save her marriage in a wrong way, she should have asked his husband first then later confirm by asking the young girl.

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Sindi Mokone


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