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SAPS Officer Assisted Hijackers Take This Truck, Be On The Look Out

This vehicle used in a hijacking, SAPS member allegedly assisted the hijackers before driving off. This incident took place in Boksburg, then truck and trailer was hijacked.

At the moment it is not very clear if these were fake police officers or they were real South African Police Services offices who were on duty and also took the time and using their authority, stopped an ordinary member of the public who was on his job delivering with a truck to create an opportunity for his accomplices to come and hijack the truck.

This is something that is disturbing especially to ordinary members of the public who used the roads, they can never trust when police officers are stopping them on the roads because we can never know if these are truly the police or just some criminals posing as police officers.

There has been many complaints from ordinary citizens, especially motorists claiming that they have been hijacked by either rogue police officers or individuals who were wearing police uniform at the time.

This is unclear because at the moment we are seeing an increasing trend of individuals or robbers, who are perpetrating these criminal activities while wearing police uniform.

We're also seeing a lot of officers who are implicated in corrupt activities, and criminal activities being apprehended by the law enforcements and being exposed.

It is scary that police can be just as bad as criminals and members of the public are the ones who are at risk, because these animals are very dangerous they only care about getting what they want and whoever is in their way will always get removed with whatever means necessary.

Law enforcements urge members of the public who might have information that could lead to the arrest of suspects, who were involved in criminal acts to come forward and give that information.

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