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Road Accident

Tragic : Mercedes Benz Driver Did This One Mistake That Could Have Cost Him His Life

The accident that happened on the road is quite unfortunate and has claimed the lives of many people in what seems to be a very unfortunate incident, the people in the area are seriously concerned about the speeding vehicles on the road.

However this incident occurred at because of a burst tire which is one of the most unfortunate things to happen people and it can just happen to anyone and that is why motorists have to know what to do in order to avoid it.

The incident took place in GA-MASHASHANE where a million Rand Mercedes-Benz sedan overturned after a tyre burst at Ga-Mashashane road.

Fortunately enough the occupant had only sustained minor injuries on the head, there’s only one thing that a lot of people need to learn in order to help themselves avoid having to get into a potentially fatal accident while on the road.

It only requires one thing not a lot of things where the ordinary members of the public do everything in their power to ensure that they follow this simple instruction, this is very crucial in determining that they survive incidences so the one thing that people have to know whenever they get a puncture is that they should never hit the brakes immediately.

Many people get the urge to hit the brakes immediately in order to check what went wrong when the vehicle loses balance prior to a load bang, the first instinct is to stop the vehicle so that you can check the situation however that should not be the case.

‘You should put the car on neutral, control the steering until the car is in a reasonable speed to allow breaking (probably below 30km/h)’

Once you apply breaking immediately after a puncher, the car is likely to roll especially if the car was moving very fast.

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