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Look What Was Happening In North West Yesterday? It Will Leave You In Shock. See What Police Did?

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Police in Rustenburg, North West, used rubber bullets to separate two groups of demonstrators during a march on the N4 expressway on Thursday.

When a group called the N4 Cluster marched on the N4 between Majakaneng and Mooinooi to present a memorandum to local mining companies, the flow of traffic was hindered. The N4 Cluster wrote a memorandum demanding that local residents be given the opportunity to work and start their own enterprises.

On the ancient Pretoria Road (R104), which connects Rustenburg with the capital city, redirected traffic was implemented.

Members of a group called the N4 Movement say they have proof that members of the Public Order Police in Britain used rubber bullets to maintain public order during a clash between two groups marching in London. At a march, the two men got into an argument. At least one person was hurt in the accident, according to reports. Immediately following the incident, the N4 highway was reopened and is now carrying traffic as usual.

There has been a "public violence" case filed for inquiry, according to the North West police department's spokeswoman, Brigadier Sabata Mokgwabone.

Members of the N4 Movement group were stopped from marching to one of the area's mines by a group that hasn't been identified, says Mokgwabone. "A fight allegedly followed."

Bakwena, the toll road operator, has confirmed that the N1N4 freeway is now operational and safe for visitors to utilize.

Reopening of the N4 has made it safe to travel between Majakaneng and Mooinooi, which had been shut down in both directions. The situation can change at any time, and we'll keep you updated. Tweeted by Bakwena: Please take caution when traveling.

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Source: dwss-ErtqjJw&s=19

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