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She was suspicious of their housemaid. She installed a hidden camera and found this

Nonetheless, some homeowners have odd and frightening issues with their housemaids, as happened to a lady from Singapore.

It all started when Nurul Baker, a young mother with two children and a wife who lived in a public apartment, wanted to employ a housemaid (housekeeper).

In addition to not doing her job properly, Ms Baker and the man of the house observed the maid's odd conduct.

The housemaid would always stare around the house, as if her emotions were jumbled.

Ms Baker was concerned and asked the maid if everything was okay; the maid assured her that everything was fine.

Ms Baker's suspicions increased as she became more concerned with what was going on in the kitchen.

So she wanted to mount hidden cameras in the house to see if her young children had been naughty to the point that the housemaid could no longer bear it.

She went to search the video the next day after work and saw something odd that made her cry, leaving her scared and unsure about what to do next.

The housemaid was seen in the video coming out straight for the bathroom, dressed in a creepy long white robe.

Ms Baker believed her housemaid was possessed.

All was concocted by the maid.

So what was her motivation for doing so?

The response is that she was behaving on purpose and plotting an escape route.

During that time, Ms Baker just wanted to let the housemaid go because she was no longer living in the house.

Nurul Baker and her husband discovered that most housemaids use a kind of escape tactic when they try to abandon their employment.

When they spoke with the housemaid, she refused to acknowledge that it was real.

They then agreed to let the housemaid go.

After all, she had been gracious to them at the outset.

Ms Baker could only hope that she did not do it again after seeing how passionate she was at the start.

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