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Alert: New ways criminals use to Hijack cars, see video


South Africa has the highest crime rate any country could ever imagine. This has been a concern ever since and it was said that the foreigners are the reason the crimes rates increases each year. Each and every time, the criminals find a new way to do their crimes and hijack cars, this makes it difficult for the owner of vehicles as they are now not sure what to do in order to stay safe.

There is new hijacking that criminals or hijackers uses now in order to hijack cars. Apparently in N4 road they will out on spikes inside a black plastic and put it in the middle of the road at night. When you driving you will think that it’s just a plastic , you will just get surprised when your tire breaks down . 

You will then be forced to stop and that’s when they will come in to take your car and left you stranded in there . South Africans are being warned to take precautions when driving at night, whatever you see in the road make sure that you don’t take it for granted, try by all means to not fall into this trap and stay safe .

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