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Road Accident

LATEST NEWS: Putco bus collides with a truck and 2 cars on R573

Putco accident with a truck and 2 cars


Sources: Putco passengers Facebook page

It has been reported that last night a putco bus gets involved in a tragic accident that involved a putco bus, truck and two cars on the R573 main road, which is from Pretoria to KwaNdebele. This happens late at night at night. In the putco bus nobody got injured, in the truck also nobody got injured and then on the other two private cars it is the drivers that got injured on this severe accident. The bus was on it's way to Kwaggafontein in Mpumalanga KwaNdebele.

It has not been a month since the last accident have been reported in the nees platform all over, and Putco buses already at it again. This company is putting the lives of the people at risk everyday because their service is just as poor as their buses. They have been dragging their feet for more than decades to fix R573 and their buses. I am definitely sure that now since the festive season is about to start soon we'll see more of this Putco accidents, and never ending complaints about them. This time the bus was on it's way to Kwaggafontein to deliver people who come from work.

The R573 main road is a very dark road, even though there are lights here and there, but they are still not enough to avoid accidents that are happening at night to save the lives of the passengers, who support this bus company day in and day out. The people of KwaNdebele have been quite about what is happening on the R573 because they don't have someone to run to and ask for help. Mpumalanga is a province that should come first in the development because many resources of this country comes from there.

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