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Cursed lady crawls like a snake at the shops claiming people will burn (Video)


Witchcraft is real and people take time to admit, a young lady surprised people at the shoping center as she started to act weird in front of everyone. Lady went on her needs as though she is possessed by demons. She started calling out names and telling people how they are going to burn alive.

lady went as far as removing her skirt and cried out that she will bewitch those that comes her way. People were left out of words since they never expected such behavior. She crawled like a moving snake as she went for the supermarket entrance. People moved out of her way since they heard her words at the first place.

Nobody bothered to come to her rescue, the only thing people did was to gossip behind her back. Coming to o her rescue was a major set back, her behavior was never the first in the country this year. In Free State a man driving an expensive vehicle behaved this way after being stopped on the road by officers.

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